Our resident photography expert …… :-)

As most of you know, I have a long-standing love of photography and have been taking photographs for many, many years.  Our alienating parent once told me that I had more photographs of her children than she did.  But then, suddenly, she developed an intense love of photography herself!  She even went so far as to join the same photo website that I am on.  That website has communities, one of which is a very active Daily Photos community.  And wouldn’t you know it, our alienating parent also joined that community!

smugmug 2007

The following comment was left anonymously on a photo which was No. 2 in the most popular photos in the Daily Community.  One of my photographs was No. 1 that same day.


Luckily, the comment was left on a photo of  a friend of mine — who just happened to also have access to IP addresses of people who visited her website — and you’ll never guess who left this message!?!  Okay ….. you probably can guess.  😉

Yes, it was our alienating parent!.  It was at this point that a lot of my friends and acquaintances on this particular website realized precisely how disturbing she really is.  I had to explain why someone would go in and leave this long, rambling message about “others” who “manipulate” their images.  What does “And now, she is copying my guest messages and putting them on their own site as if it were me” have to do with the photo posted by my friend?  I have had to explain this so many times over the years, maybe I should just make up a template for my standard response?

The above comment really wasn’t about the photo she was commenting on, was it?  Unfortunately that was obvious to everyone except our alienating parent, who went on to make comments like this for quite some time — until she finally left the website.

I have to share one example of the many comments left on my photo website.  By this point, I was able to capture the IP address of anyone leaving comments and yes, you guessed it, they were all left by my husband’s ex-wife!

smugmug comment 04-24-2008

Love how she went from someone who didn’t even own a camera to an expert — capable of critiquing my photography!  Exposure, focus, lacking in follow through — all as an anonymous “guest,” of course.  You’d think an expert photographer would be happy to have their name associated with their comments, right?  But, of course, as usual it wasn’t about the photography.

In closing, I can’t help but point out:  why would someone who claims to have such disdain for me purposely join a photography website that I am active on and which I have been a member of for many years?  There are hundreds of photo websites online, so why did she pick the one I was associated with?  And then, to not only buy a membership to the website, but then join the community I am a part of?  A community which results in daily communication between members?  Was she purposely looking for continued interaction with me?   It’s difficult to come up with any other explanation, isn’t it?


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