Appearances can be deceiving …..

We got a kick out of a post we saw last fall from our alienating parent:

Irishgirl355 profile

We distorted the profile photo so as to not be accused of taking photos from other websites and posting them on our own.   🙂

“We realize that she is very unhappy which is apparent by her current appearance.”  I’ve honestly never known it was possible to tell whether a person was happy or unhappy simply by their appearance.  And certainly never realized our alienating parent was psychic and could tell — just by looking at me — whether I was happy or not.

And just how does she know anything about my appearance, since she hasn’t seen me for many, many years?  Whoops, forgot about how much time she spends looking at our websites.  Silly me ….. of course she knows what I look like now.

Here’s our current profile photo on

Ancestry profile

Yep, it’s easy to see how unhappy I am by this photo!  lol!

And speaking of this photo ….. my profile picture was taken a year or so.  While on the other hand, the photo alienating parent uses as her profile photo was taken over thirty years ago.  Interesting, isn’t it, that I’m not ashamed to use a current photo of myself, while someone else obviously is.  And then that person has the audacity to comment about my appearance?

This is probably like the “Faking Irish” post.  Our alienating parent is unable to accept that I am part Irish (for whatever reason) and therefore had to share with everyone how sad I am to be pretending I’m Irish.  She also cannot accept that my husband and I are happy, and so she has to share her theory of how unhappy I am based upon my appearance.

Is it that important to her that I’m unhappy, that she’ll go to the length of embarrassing herself with this ludicrous remark about me (on a genealogy website, of course)?  And if so, why?

Yet another chapter in the ongoing saga of bizarre behavior we’ve encountered over the years…..


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