Building yourself up ….. by putting others down?

After yesterday’s post, I received a message from someone who is following this blog — who made a very astute observation:  it appears that our alienating parent continually puts me down, in order to build herself up.

Putting down my photography, in order to show that her’s is superior?  Claiming my genealogical research is full of errors, which means that her’s must be better?  I have fewer sources and records than she does, so her information must be more accurate?

I think yesterday’s post shows exactly how ridiculous the comment about records really was, and the other comments we’ve seen over the years are equally as ridiculous.

But back to our follower’s observation …. why does our alienating parent behave this way:  putting others down, at the same time she’s boasting about herself?

We found the following paragraph, which might just give us an explanation:  “We get it. You have a burning desire make yourself feel superior because you feel violently inferior.  You cannot handle the success of others. You are insecure. There’s a big gaping difference in sharing stories with a friend because you’ve had similar experiences, but to undermine someone’s success or statement with your own is not only embarrassing, it’s extremely annoying and fictitious.”  [Source:  6 Irritating Things Insecure People Do.]

Think that’s the answer to our question why?


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