When Your Husband’s Ex Stalks You Via The Internet

This is obviously a long overdue post …. about stalkers on the internet. As anyone who knows our alienating parent can attest, she makes sure to let everyone know that she is the victim of a stalker.



These comments are, of course, posted on genealogy websites — because that’s where they belong, right? 🙂

And, as usual, our alienating parent’s view of what has transpired over the past years is not quite accurate. Take a look for yourself:


She Googles my e-mail address.


She searches for my e-mail address on bing.com — just in case she missed something on Google …. lol!


She’s a regular on my photography Facebook page and then makes sure to follow the links I share there.


She views my profile on Linked In and also follows that to my photo website.


She even spends her lunch hour looking at my photo website while at work!


She also doesn’t discriminate when she searches …. she Googles her ex’s name too!

And what does she do when she visits my photo website? The place she visits most often is my Daily Photos album.



Although she also makes sure to check out our year in photos, holidays, fall photos, etc. Should I be concerned that she has been known to spend quite a bit of time looking at the gallery where we have photos of my husband displayed?

If you look at this small example of our stat counter logs from over the years, you’ll see that our alienating parent has spent hours, upon hours, upon hours viewing our photographs. “Multiple visits spread over more than one day” almost always appears on these logs. On a regular basis, she’ll come to the photo website, from ancestry.com — which means that she’s also viewing what we have posted there.



These photographs show the logs from a three month period waaaaaay back in 2008. And the second is an almost three inch stack of logs, from another three month period in 2013. It’s obvious that our alienating parent’s viewing of our photo website continues to escalate.

And now back to the subject at hand ….. stalking. Could our alienating parent actually be a stalker herself?

Our alienating parent’s excuse: Her behavior stems from the fact that she has two children who are biologically part of her ex-husband’s family.

The truth: What does that have to do with our daily photos, our year in photos, our holiday photos, and so on and so forth? Especially since we have not seen or spoken to her children for several years. It was mutually decided between our targeted parent and his adult children to end their relationship many years ago. If, for some strange reason, they wanted to see photographs of their father, they are more than capable of doing that themselves. They certainly don’t need their mother to do it for them. So, her explanation really doesn’t make sense, does it? Particularly in light of the photos she is viewing — most of which deal with my photography.

The majority of our family photos are private, so someone trying to view photos about us are not going to find them on our photo website. And that becomes apparent very quickly and doesn’t involve searching for hours and hours on end.

Our alienating parent keeps viewing our current photos, which have nothing to do with her, or her children, or her children’s paternal family history. And, as always, we have to ask Why?

You’ll notice from some of the logs we’ve shared that our alienating parent viewed photos from “M*****’s Big Day at the Ball Park” and “Q****’s Baptism Photos.” Those are our friends’ grandchildren, who have absolutely nothing to do with her children’s paternal family. Again, why is she spending so much time looking at photos which certainly have nothing to do with her, or her family?

We have shared just a small sampling of what has gone on over the past ten years or so. Our alienating parent has spent hours, during multiple visits spread over more than one day, viewing — or attempting to view — our posts on the internet.

And this person says she is being stalked by someone else? What does she consider her behavior to be?


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