Placing blame versus accepting responsibility?

Yes, it was very embarrassing to get phone calls about the news reports, internet stories, not to mention making the front page of the News Herald. And, of course, we were e-mailed a link to…..

Naturally, after hearing for so many years that his children were raised by a hard working single mother, without any help from him, our targeted parent could certainly have a thing or two to say about this past weekend’s developments.

But what would that accomplish?

Instead, we’d like to point out that, first of all, there is no need to place blame. You raise children to the best of your ability. You attempt to teach them lessons throughout their childhood in the hopes that they will carry those lessons with them as they travel through life. Sometimes they do; however, oftentimes they do not. Once they become adults, while you can still provide guidance, it ultimately is your child who makes their own decisions. It then become’s your child’s responsibility to live with decisions they’ve made.

And so, in the end, that child must accept responsibility for their actions, instead of trying to place the blame on others. Once you decide to behave in a certain manner, you’re forced to live with the consequences of that behavior. Whether it be something that happened this past weekend …. or something that happened years ago.

That’s part of becoming an adult.


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