Never the twain shall meet ….

You’ve probably noticed how this blog deals with our alienating parent and her behavior over the years. That is entirely by design and a conscious decision on our part. We have our facebook page and our photography website which allow us to share all the wonderful things life has brought us with our family and friends. This ongoing situation with our alienating parent has been one of the major detractions in our lives, so we’ve decided to not only share it with others, but to also keep it separate from the good things in life that we cherish.

And never the twain shall meet ….

Have you ever sat down and run a line through the middle of a piece of paper and put the positive things on one side, and the negative things on the other? Well, that’s what we’ve done here ….. except the positive things are on our other websites, while the negative things are shared here. Guess you can tell how many “negatives” we have on our list ……. just one. šŸ™‚

As we’ve mentioned before, this has definitely been a good experience for us and we’re glad we finally had to nerve to share our story with others. Thank you all for “listening,” and especially for your ongoing support.


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