How to Get over an Obsession

As a continuation of yesterday’s post, we thought we’d share these suggestions to help OLF get over her obsession with the Murray family:

Obsession is rarely a healthy thing; for most people it can be quite damaging.  But you do not have to be a slave to your obsessions.  Here are a few helpful hints on how to move on.

1)  Make sure you are ready and willing to commit to getting over it.

2)  Identify the underlying causes of your obsession.

3)  Remove reminders of obsession from your life.

4)  Find something else to focus on.

5)  Seek support.


I think the first step is going to be the most difficult because, unfortunately, it seems that OLF doesn’t even recognize that she does have an unhealthy obsession with the Murray family — to the point where she totally ignores her biological family, in favor of recognizing the Murray family and injecting herself into that family.

Luckily, she now has another husband which she can focus on ….. instead of the one she was divorced from over 35 years ago. Now, if she only would …..


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