How does OLF’s version of events stack up against the truth?

This is just one example of the many occasions while Larry’s children were growing up that we found OLF was not the most reliable source, when it came to getting information.


OLF claimed that her daughter awoke on Monday morning ill and running a fever, but Tuesday was the first available appointment at Kaiser.  As a side note, we had just changed our insurance from Blue Cross to Kaiser — which OLF obviously wasn’t happy about.  Anyway, Dr. OLF pointed out that by that time, her daughter’s temperature was 104 and she had strep throat.  And, gasp, she wasn’t given a shot!  I’m sure you’ll find the remainder of her observations as entertaining as we did …..

Larry (or Lawrence, as OLF likes to call him …. even though she was married to the man and had two children with him …) was concerned when he received OLF’s letter and called Kaiser.  The version he got of OLF’s visit was entirely different than what OLF had summarized, so he asked the doctor who treated his daughter to put it in writing, which she was happy to do.

Kaiser letter 2 redacted

OLF’s daughter awoke on Monday with a fever, but she didn’t bother calling for an appointment until Tuesday?!?  And when she did call for an appointment, they scheduled one for an hour later.

Dr. OLF diagnosed the problem as strep throat, even though the results of the culture which was taken during the appointment obviously were not immediately available.  The doctor told her that she could elect to return, after the throat culture result was known, for injectable penicillin (or as OLF referred to it, for a shot). The reason OLF’s daughter did not receive a shot was because OLF elected not to return. That’s not quite how she explained it to Larry, was it?

Looking at both of these versions of the doctor’s appointment on October 1, 1985, who do you believe — OLF or the doctor who treated her daughter?

Just another example of what “custodial” parents will do in order to cause problems for “non-custodial” parents. 


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