Family history ….

We noticed an increase in OLF’s comments on genealogy websites immediately after we announced that we would be putting together a book about the Murray family. Why would that prompt OLF to start her campaign of declaring to the world how special her relationship was with Larry’s parents?

What does her relationship with Larry’s parents even have to do with Murray family history?

Our book is going to include facts (dates of birth, marriages, death, etc.) which anyone can ascertain from the internet. But the book is also going to include personal stories and many unpublished photographs of the family. Is that why OLF suddenly started posting about her relationship with her former in-laws, and stressing about biological ties? Because, even though her children are biologically part of the Murray family, they are no longer emotionally part of the family and will never hear these treasured family stories?

While we were at Notre Dame a few weekends ago, Larry mentioned why he roots for the Fighting Irish — and it has to do with his Dad and his Murray uncles. That will be included in the book, along with other stories his Murray cousins are sharing.

It’s a shame that Larry’s biological children and grandchildren will never know the rich history behind the Murray family, and will only hear the so-called “truth” behind OLF’s relationship with her former in-laws. And, as everyone can plainly see from prior posts, OLF is obviously not a very reliable source, is she?

As we’ve mentioned before, George and Marie loved their grandchildren — all of their grandchildren — unconditionally. No one denies that. But George and Marie are gone and OLF’s children no longer have a relationship with their father. End of story …

OLF has done a tremendous job putting together all the facts behind the Murray family. All the names, dates and places are posted on the internet. What she’ll never be able to give to her children and grandchildren are stories and memories about the Murray family, so it seems she decided to create some of her own to pass down. Too bad they’re not true. But if her family is happy with them, let them pass them along for future generations. And leave us to pass along the true stories of the Murray family.


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