Some people just can’t get along with anybody …..

Thought we’d share a couple more posts from our alienating parents public facebook page:



Seems we aren’t the only ones our alienating parent has trouble getting along with ….. sister-in-law, cousins, and who can forget the time she disowned her younger daughter because she (our alienating parent) wasn’t there when her older daughter got engaged.  And, of course, that was the younger daughter’s fault, wasn’t it?  Step-father not welcome at a family wedding because our alienating parent didn’t approve of the way he was treating her mother.  Sister who hadn’t spoken to her for over a year because she was “so far gone.”

“There is a sub-group of people however, that don’t seem to get along with almost anyone. These persons tend to project blame onto others for their conflict and may also cause others to feel guilty for not meeting expectations in the relationship. Further, some of these people while feigning interest in others, are really only interested in meeting their own needs. These people can be manipulative, self-serving and very distressing to others. If they themselves are distressed, it is only due to the reaction of others, or for others not attending to their demands. They tend not to be distressed about their own behaviour. In fact, when confronted on their own behaviour, they are quite unable to see a problem with themselves and treat the confrontation as a serious attack. They are incredibly adept at making excuses that continue to exonerate themselves while making it seem like everyone else is the problem.  If you explore their childhood, one often sees a history of abuse or abandonment. There may have been parental alcohol or drug abuse and violence in the home.”  [Source:]

Suddenly, thinking back on all of this, I don’t feel quite so bad that our alienating parentt can’t get along with me, because she apparently can’t get along with a lot of other people too.


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