Narcissistic Personality Disorder continued …..

We touched on Narcissistic Personality Disorder in our April 22 blog and came upon another perfect example:


This is a photo our alienating parent posted of her granddaughter. Unless this child was an immaculate conception, she had another grandmother! 🙂  And I’m not talking about me — I’m talking about the child’s paternal — biological — grandmother.

For someone who is so intent on telling the world all about her family’s biological ties, it’s interesting when she oftentimes seems to — conveniently — forget about them. She’s the one, the only grandmother to this child!

Obviously the child had another grandmother, who was living when our alienating parent posted her comment on the photograph. After the child’s paternal grandmother died in 2012, our alienating parent (of course) had some things to say about that as well:


Is this a tribute to the woman who had just passed away, or a tribute to our alienating parent?

If this doesn’t constitute an “overwhelming need for admiration” and a “pattern of grandiosity,” I don’t know what does. And we all know what an “overwhelming need for admiration” and a “pattern of grandiosity” are symptoms of, don’t we? Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Whoever mentioned that to us back in April obviously got right to the heart of the matter.

On the bright side (if there can be a bright side to this bizarre behavior), it appears that our alienating parent insists on injecting herself into other families, not just the us! But you’ll notice it is — again — the paternal side of a child’s family, while our alienating parent is on the maternal side. Interesting ….. very interesting …..


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