Makes for good fiction …. and drama too!

We couldn’t help but chuckle at our alienating parent’s version of how we came about having photographs of my husband’s grandson.

OLF version Colin photos

Makes for good reading, doesn’t it? And don’t you just love all the drama?

Unfortunately, as usual, it’s not true. Our alienating parent likes reminding everyone of paternal biological ties on genealogy websites, but seems to conveniently forget about them in real life. My husband’s grandson has a paternal family. A member of that paternal family called us, stopped by our house and gave us some photographs of my husband’s grandson and his sister. It’s as simple as that.

And, as you can see, we still have those photographs:


Even though we’re aware of our alienating parent’s difficulties with telling the truth, we figure in this particular case it was actually a situation where someone, when confronted by our alienating parent, simply told her a story to appease her. People oftentime lie to protect someone. They’ll likewise lie to avoid ranting and raving. We hypothesize that that is probably what happened here. Our alienating parent’s own daughter once told us that she lied to her mother because “she freaked out” and she (the daughter) didn’t know what else to do. So, it’s not difficult to believe that is what happened in this situation as well.

We’ll probably never know the truth behind our alienating parent’s version that I “hunted down” my husband’s grandson’s mother “(a person she knew she could manipulate) and after a enormous amount of lies… convinced the woman to give up an online site which contained an electronic image” of the grandson. But we do know the truth: we were contacted by the grandson’s paternal family and given the photographs.

We won’t mention who gave us the photos, to avoid them being harassed by our alienating parent for that transgression. Although what is wrong with a person giving photographs of a family member to that family member’s grandfather? How dare they!!! πŸ™‚


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