The Importance of Fathers in the Healthy Development of Children

Writing the post the other day about our targeted parent’s grandson’s paternal family sharing photos with us reminded me of a brochure I had read, which was published by the government, dealing with the importance of fathers in the lives of their children.

Our alienating parent has a problem with a child’s paternal family sharing photographs with that child’s grandfather?  Why?  Doesn’t a father, or a father’s family, have the right to decide whom they will share family photos with?  Or does that right only exist for the child’s mother?

Remember the remarks made in one of our first posts, about our alienating parent’s need for control? Think this falls under that aspect of her behavior?

In any event, after many studies, experts would undoubtedly disagree with denying a father the small, simple choice of whom he will share family photos with. And if a father is being denied that right, what other rights is he also being denied?

Fathers are equally as important to a child as mothers are. And mothers who purposely try to destroy a child’s relationship with their father are doing harm to those children.

“Even from birth, children who have an involved father are more likely to be emotionally secure, be confident to explore their surroundings, and, as they grow older, have better social connections with peers.”

“Children with involved, caring fathers have better educational outcomes.”

“One study of school-aged children found that children with good relationships with their fathers were less likely to experience depression, to exhibit disruptive behavior, or to lie and were more likely to exhibit pro-social behavior.”

“In short, fathers have a powerful and positive impact upon the development and health of children.”

Don’t you think a mother who actually loved her children and put the well being of her children first would, instead of only thinking of herself and what she is feeling (I’m angry; I’m upset; I’m jealous), would put her child’s best interests first and work toward maintaining a close, loving relationship between child and father? Would our alienating parent’s children have been better off if they had had the opportunity to share a relationship with their father? Unfortunately, we’ll never know.


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