Mothers who abuse their children ….

“Non-custodial parents often face a continuing dilemma, knowing how to respond to certain mind-programming propaganda that the children receive from the custodial parent. Every reference to the non-custodial parent is couched in negative words: “lazy, irresponsible, un-loving, and cheapskate,” to name a few. The children’s emotions and behavior patterns that result from this negative programming have been officially dubbed by the psychological community as the Parental Alienation Syndrome , and when the parent doing the alienation has full-time access to the children, the consequences can be devastating to the relationship between the child and the other parent. It is also devastating to the child as the child comes to realize that half of who they are, is a product of that “lowlife” other parent.

Parental alienation deprives the children of their right to know that they have two parents who love them. Regrettably, the parent responsible for the alienation seldom realizes or cares that such deprivation is a form of psychological child abuse. Life becomes difficult enough for the targeted parent, but the children are the real victims of the immature behavior from a parent with vengeance in their head and heart.”  [Source:  The Father’s Guide: Coping with Parental Alienation.”

You hear so much about physical abuse at the hands of a parent, but don’t often hear about the psychological child abuse that is almost as common.  Whether it be physical or psychological, the children are the ones who suffer.


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