Does Your Ex-Wife Have A Golden Uterus Complex? Part Two

Yesterday’s post about an ex-wife suffering from Golden Uterus Complex shared so many similarities with our particular situation, that we had to continue it here today.

“…. the GU believes she’s a part of some twisted package deal.  A golden uterus doesn’t understand (or refuses to acknowledge) that you can love and have an independent relationship with the children without her in the middle of it.” Thirty-six years after their divorce, OLF is still trying to make herself part of her ex-husband’s family, as shown by her recent posts on genealogy websites:

George paragraph

She even decided the “correct” way that her ex-husband’s parents’ obituaries should read. The people who actually wrote the obits — and who are family members … unlike OLF — don’t have the right to share information about their deceased loved ones in the manner they would like it displayed? Oh no, that’s OLF’s job! Because she’s the mother of two of the biological members of this family! If that doesn’t scream “Golden Uterus Syndrome,” I don’t know what does.

Of course, she behaved the same way when her granddaughter’s paternal grandmother passed away. It was all about her importance to the child:


“Extended paternal family members are to act as a subservient support system to the GU, that is, if she allows them to have any access to the kids.” That’s exactly what happened in our case, as evidenced by a letter received by the children’s paternal grandfather:

Letter to George redacted

“If you challenge the GU’s decisions, she’ll punish you by denying you access to the kids or taking you to court.” That happened so many times in our relationship with OLF’s children, that we’ve lost count.

“GUs are often the high-conflict, abusive personality-disordered parental alienators.” Exactly!


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