“Parental” alienation extends to grandparents as well

We’re sharing a portion of a letter the targeted parent wrote to his ex back in 1984:


As you can see, he tried to show just how wrong it was for a parent to have her children write to the other parent about holiday visitation.

But another, even more disturbing aspect to this communication is the situation he described between his 6 and 9 year old children, and his parents!

By the time my husband wrote that letter, however, his parents had already been told they could not longer babysit their grandchildren:

5-1984 notice redacted

When the alienating parent gets angry, the first thing the family hears: you’re not allowed to see the children.

My in-laws had watched the children for years, helping out whenever and wherever they could. When our alienating parent became angry, however, that all changed. Even though she then went on to complain about the cost of hiring a babysitter for Saturday mornings. She had loving grandparents ready, willing and able to watch the children until it was time for their father to pick them up — in accordance with the Court ordered visitation, of course — but our alienating parent, instead, chose to try and hurt her ex, through his parents, by limiting the grandparents’ time with the children.

Maybe this explains why our alienating parent is so adamant about posting a fictional account about her relationship with her former in-laws on genealogy websites …. to make up for how she actually treated them?


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