Decades go by …. and the problems continue …..

Our last post shared a document from 1984. Well, fast forward a “few” years and you’ll see the interactions with our alienating parent continue — at her insistence.

Even after our alienating parent had effectively completed the alienation between her children and their father, she still could not stop interacting with us. Here’s just one example of the many occasions she has kept in touch with us, after all of these years.

As explained in our prior posts, I have an interest in photography and have had a photograph website since 2001. Our alienating parent, who at one point told me I had more photos of her children than she did, suddenly developed this intense interest in photography herself. And, even though there are a multitude of photo websites available, she chose to join the same one I was on. And went so far as to join the Daily Photos community I was a member of, because that meant she could post photos and comment on other people’s photos on a daily basis ….. just like I had been doing for years.

Well, as usual, she was simply using this venue as an opportunity for her to share her thoughts and observations on her ex-husband and his wife and, as usual, she went too far. Our alienating parent was contacted by the website and they sent us a copy of their e-mail to her:



Some of her comments were negative toward the reputation of others.  No surprise!

After realizing she couldn’t post the comments she wanted, using her own name, our alienating parent started posting anonymously. Except it wasn’t quite so anonymous. Many people using this website had statcounters on their galleries, allowing them to capture the IP address of anyone visiting the site. This is one of our alienating parent’s more bizarre comments, left on a photo we took of our family at Easter.



“The only blood line to the M***** family in this photo is L**** M*****. Please correct.” And two minutes later: “The M***** family is doing research and came across this photo. In doing research there is only one M***** blood line in this photo. This was very confusing to the M***** family.”

First of all, this photo was posted on a photo website and had absolutely nothing to do with genealogy or as our alienating parent likes to call it, “blood lines.” Our alienating parent, after her children no longer had any contact with their father, still felt the need to go to her ex-husband’s photo website and comment about blood lines and the correctness — or incorrectness — thereof?

If she would behave in this manner, years after their divorce and after she had successfully alienated her children from their other parent, can you imagine how she behaved during the first years after the divorce, when the children were young?


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