Finally ….. an admission? :-)

As we’ve mentioned several times before, one of our alienating parent’s favorite ways of keeping in contact with us is through genealogy websites. I have enjoyed genealogy as a hobby for decades so, of course, she had to become an expert genealogist herself. We couldn’t help but smile at her latest:



“The main difference between this tree and another M***** tree, I do publish private information about the deceased that will affect the children and grandchildren of those listed on this tree.

Is she finally admitting to the behavior she’s been exhibiting for so many years?!? lol!

Unfortunately, it’s probably a typographical error and she really meant to say: “I don’t publish private information ….” But, it’s interesting to note that while on one hand she is making the “claim”that she doesn’t post inappropriate information, on the other hand she is posting under my grandfather’s name information about a court case in Cuyahoga County involving “M*****.” hmmmmm ….. My grandfather was never involved in a lawsuit in Cuyahoga County, so why is that information posted under his name?

Because it was a lawsuit our alienating parent filed against my husband and I, on behalf of her children.  Since we’re living, she cannot post it under our names but that doesn’t stop her from stooping so low as to post it under a deceased ancestor’s name. And she then goes on to pontificate about how she doesn’t publish information that will affect the children and grandchildren of those listed on this tree?

How does the notation about the lawsuit she filed against living individuals affect the children and grandchildren of O****** M******, to see this posted on genealogy websites? As my grandmother would have said, that’s like the pot calling the kettle black. 🙂

Our alienating parent says a lot of things on the internet, but — as usual — her actions speak louder than her words and her true behavior is shown for all the world to see.


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