Our alienating parents is keeping an eye on what we post here ….

A couple of weekends ago we were at an Irish festival and heard from friends and family that my husband’s estranged children were also there. We never ran in to them, didn’t see them ourselves, and so we continued to enjoy the festival. The next day we saw that the children’s mother had visited this blog, at the same time we were at the Irish festival.

July 20 log

Her children probably let her know that Dad and the wicked stepmother were at the festival, so she had to check and see if we had posted anything. You’ll notice she was visiting at shortly after 6:00 p.m. We were at the festival from early afternoon until 8:00 or so — and obviously not concerned with posting here. We were too busy enjoying the festival with friends and family.

Did she honestly think that we would stop what we were doing and post a blog here, just because her children were in the same vicinity as their father? She certainly had to check and see, just in case we had! 🙂


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