Still watching ….

As we mentioned yesterday, our alienating parent keeps a close eye on what we post here. For instance, on July 23, we blogged about her comment on a genealogy website, to wit: “I do publish private information about the deceased that will affect the children and grandchildren of those listed on this tree.” And pointed out information she had posted under my deceased grandfather’s name, dealing with a lawsuit she filed against my husband and I. A lawsuit which my grandfather was in no way, shape or form involved in.

Well guess, what? At 9:57 that same morning, she changed her post to read: “I do NOT publish …..” and removed the information about the lawsuit from my grandfather’s name.



I post here and viola!! …. she updates her genealogy page!

Unfortunately, her behavior didn’t extend to her former in-laws, who were also victims of her Hostile Aggressive Parenting behavior.



When posting information on a genealogy website about her former in-laws, she makes sure to first, tell everyone about her ex-husband’s wife in the comment “One woman ……” and then goes on to share a link to her blog, and finally ends up with post-ems placed on her tree by the grandchildren of her former in-laws, which bolster her tale of family unrest.

She does eventually get to some genealogical information, but makes sure everyone visiting this website has to wade through her comments and observations first.

What do these comments and observations have to do with genealogy? Nothing! This is simply a continuation of the way she treated her children’s paternal grandparents when they were living — she used them for her own means. They both went to their graves knowing if they upset her, they would not be allowed to see their grandchildren. It was as plain and simple as that.

Yet here she is, the same person who would repeatedly keep her children from their paternal grandparents, using genealogy websites about those same grandparents as an avenue to get her message across. Even though that message has nothing to do with genealogy.

“I do NOT publish private information about the deceased ….” What is publishing her version of private family situations and relationships, then? Our alienating parent’s ongoing attempt — still using her children and their love for their deceased grandparents — to harass their father and stepmother. What is the purpose of these comments, 36 years after a divorce and several years after the father / children relationship ended? Remember our earlier post about parents exhibiting Hostile Aggressive Parenting: individuals with controlling and bullying personalities, an individual controlled by their negative emotions and continuing to exercise power and control over their ex-spouse’s life — to the point where they’re use genealogy websites to get their story out and attempt to re-write history?


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