Parental Alienation

“The alienator claims to love the children whilst at the same time their actions are significantly detracting from the childrens’ rights, best interests and long term emotional stability, the alienator usually does not care about those things, just to reach their perverted goal at almost any cost, they are accomplished liars and a disgrace to parenthood and there can be many reasons for their actions, mostly perverted and or extremely selfish.

The alienators in most cases know all to well what they are doing to the children and to the targeted parent but once they start they are driven to continue, even into becoming obsessive against the targeted parent … all at the childrens’ cost, alienators will never admit to fault and after some time can even believe themselves that they are not at fault, many even exhibit the signs of various disorders but refuse the suggestions, even professional, indicating such, some back off when they have achieved their goals and others continue for years but in their own minds they are the innocent ones but one thing does not change and that is they are emotionally abusing the children, they are abusing their own children.” [Source: ]


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