Using any means possible to harass …..

I know it appears that we dwell on genealogy a lot, but — unfortunately — that is the path our alienating parent has chosen to continue keeping contact with us, as well as harassing us. She, of course, has declared what is, or is not, acceptable, what is, or is not, correct, and has even posted information to Set the Record Straight!

As discussed in our recent blog, she seems to have a problem with certain websites keeping information about living individuals private, thereby displaying information about those living individuals in a manner which she deems unacceptable.

Well, there are websites out there that allow you to show relationships of living individuals.

Here’s my information on one such website:



which clearly shows my ex-husband as my “ex-husband.”

And here is my husband’s information:



which clearly shows my sons as his stepsons.

And then we come to our alienating parent’s information:



where she has her ex-husband still listed as her husband! Wishful thinking perhaps? Remember her diatribe on my father-in-law’s genealogical information: “I have gone on every site where she has posted in this manner and have posted the correct information.”

As usual, she says one thing …. but then does another, doesn’t she? We joined this website in December 2012, and our alienating parent came along and posted her information in March 2013.  Did she come to this website — where we have correct information posted — and share correct information?  No, she came here and post incorrect information.

As she so eloquently put it, her posting of her ex-husband as her husband “is simply not true and not an acceptable way to portray a family on a genealogy website.”


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