The Psycho Ex-Wife


Mister-M was scared but fed up. His eight-year marriage had ended and the divorce settlement outlined how he and his ex-wife would care for their two children. Still, she wouldn’t relent with her e-mails, text messages and phone calls, he says. She demanded that their children stay with her on holidays they were supposed to be with him. She insisted that they be dropped off at certain time, even though he was entitled to have them stay with him longer.

He has endured more than 30 court appearances in the past four years and has paid $80,000 to $100,000 in legal fees to contest her accusations of child abuse and violations of their divorce settlement. “As a person who suffered with these types of attacks on a regular basis over the course of more than 10 years, they tend to trigger anxiety and upset due to the horrible memories that we are unable to escape,” Mister-M says. “Each new e-mail and communication brings all of that history back into the present.”

So he turned to the Internet as an outlet for his frustration. He created the Web site,, where he writes about his issues with his ex-wife. Often, they’re protracted e-mails and text messages about everything from who is supposed to have the kids when to where the kids are supposed to be picked up. The exchanges over seemingly simple topics are rarely resolved easily.

Why does his ex-wife behave in such a way, even though they’ve been divorced for some time? “It’s all about control,” Mister-M says, adding that he believes his ex suffers from borderline personality disorder. “Their belief that they have been so horribly wronged by the ex-spouse tends to be so strong that this desire to stay involved or somehow control the ex exists, even if they have a new partner of their own. It doesn’t even matter if they’re the person who initiated the split.”

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