Before blogs …… there were diaries! :-)

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that my husband and I have been married 30 years. His divorce and the subsequent parental alienation took place in the late 70s, throughout the 80s and well in to the 90s. All of this, of course, was before blogs came to be. It didn’t stop me from writing about what was happening, however, and I kept a diary of interactions with Our Little Friend, otherwise known as the alienating parent.

I was browsing through the diary recently and it reminded me of the many documented instances of parental alienation that have taken place over the years, at the hands of OLF.

Her children are grown now, she’s a grandmother, but that still doesn’t stop the behavior. Here’s an entry from July, 2002:

“Well, XXXXXX (one of the grown children) called yesterday afternoon to let me know that they wouldn’t be going to PA after all. The reason she gave for them not making the trip was because XXXXXX’s (OLF’s) car insurance had been canceled and she has to pay about $150 to get it reinstated — and she doesn’t have the money and doesn’t want to be driving that far without auto insurance. This reminded me of the story XXXXXX (the grown child) told me a month or so ago: their phone was turned off for non-payment and XXXXXX (the grown child) had to take $150 from her child support and pay the phone bill to get it turned back on!”

This was during a period of time when the grown child, who had a one year old child herself, was living with her mother — and felt the need to use her child support to pay her mother’s bills.

Remember one of our earlier posts:

“A sixth manifestation of PAS is reflexive support for the alienating parent ….” Here you have a grown child, who is clearly a victim of PAS, using money she receives — which is supposed to be used to support her own infant child — and she’s using it instead to support the alienating parent! An alienating parent who had a full-time job, btw.


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