Kudos to Kendra!

It was with great interest that I read an article about Kendra Wilkinson reuniting with her estranged father after two decades.

Wilkinson says, “I do reunite with him (dad) after a very long time. … It’s the most powerful, most amazing thing I’ve ever been through in my life, and I’m so proud of myself for doing it. I never thought I would face my dad ever again, and I did.”

Asked why her dad left all those years ago during an appearance on “Access Hollywood Live” on Thursday, the former centerfold refused to give up details, adding, “I wanna be in a place of forgiveness and I wanna move on. I wanna live right now. … I wanna say, ‘Screw the past’.”

The article I read also went on to say:  “Eric [Kendra’s father] has close friends who had to drag their children through divorce court.  He swore he’d never do that, create a hostile environment where his kids had to choose between parents.  It’s Patti [Kendra’s mother] who has created this bad dynamic.”  Patti herself has been quoted as saying “I’ve always told my kids to have their guard up when it comes to their father.”

It appears that Kendra has recently been on “the outs” with her mother and younger brother.

Good for you, Kendra!  Although your relationship with your father should not affect your relationship with your mother, should it?  As an adult, you should be permitted to have a close, loving relationship with BOTH parents.  Your relationship with one parent should have no bearing on your relationship with the other.


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