She just can’t let go ……

We have previously discussed our alienating parent’s refusal to let go of her relationship with her ex, even though they have been divorced over 36 years and she was successful in alienating her children from their father many years ago.

One of those blogs can be found here:

On the evening of October 21, I updated our family tree on rootsweb for the first time in months. In that update I asked — again — that our alienating parent remove all personal, non-genealogical comments from the names of my family and my husband’s family. That would appear to be easy enough, to anyone who was actually ready to let go of a marriage that ended decades ago, wouldn’t it? We have been making this request of our alienating parent for many years and have even had to go to the various websites about her inappropriate postings. Many of them deleted her material entirely from their websites themselves, after she refused to do so.

But, of course, nothing is that easy with our alienating parent. Not only did she refuse to delete the comments, she added more! Check out this one she has under the name of my father:



Do these comments have any genealogical merit? No. They are our alienating parent’s personal comments. And, as usual, they are not quite truthful. I’ve never protested her online tree because it provides correct linage (lineage) of her children. I have a problem with her online tree(s) because they post her personal comments, theories and alleged information, the majority of which is not even true. Her opinions of me and my behavior have nothing to do with genealogy, yet she keeps posting her comments on genealogy websites. I could care less about the article she keeps claiming “may shed some light.” Her comments, opinions and a newspaper article about a lawsuit she filed against my husband and I have nothing to do with genealogy. And they certainly have nothing to do with my father. Period. But it’s more fun for her to make up strange scenarios and then post it under the names of innocent people who have already gone on before us.

She has a blog. Why not post the information there, where people might actually be interested in what she had to say? Because if she posts it on a genealogy website, under the name of my father or my husband’s parents, that keeps her connection to us. Plain and simple.

And what is really interesting about this latest development is the time frame during which it took place. I update our family tree on rootsweb, asking our alienating parent to remove these comments, and only hours later, she updates her tree, adding more! hmmmmm, didn’t take her long to (1) realize I had updated my tree; and (2) to find my request that she remove the comments and respond by adding more. We’ve always known how closely she monitors every move we make, and this is just another example of how much she is following our daily lives. How scary is that?


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