Single mother ….. or single woman?


“I think that co-parenting works if both parents come to an understanding of the child’s necessities, and what both parents can afford to provide for the child. Parents who are no longer together should still try to maintain a level of respect so that the child is not used as the psychologist who has to hear their parent’s threatening remarks towards the other parent… this will hurt the child’s phsychological well being. Parents may have different lifestyles and ways of disciplining. It took two parents to bring a child into this world …. therefore I believe it takes more than one person to care for all of a child’s needs. It’s better to work as a team for your child’s well being… Don’t let divorce or a breakup ruin your parenting responsibilities. Children deserve to be loved and cared for if they are to survive, and live a good life.”
[Comment left on blog about importance of co-parenting]


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