Thanks …. but no thanks

As some of you may recall, I wrote an open letter to my step-daughter, who has been estranged from her father (my husband) for many years.  She is also currently in jail and at her sentencing hearing, she made a comment to the effect that henceforth in her life, she will make the proper decisions in her life.  That comment is what prompted me to write the open letter to her.

The letter was to her — not to her mother.  Yet, I have heard from several different sources that our alienating parent has posted on a genealogy website (of course, because that’s where it belongs right?) that she has responded to my open letter to her daughter through a post on her blog.

We wrote an earlier post about women who suffer from Golden Uterus Complex:
“GU [Golden Uterus] and child are a two-fer. If you want to have your child in your life after you separate or divorce, the GU believes she’s a part of some twisted package deal. A golden uterus doesn’t understand (or refuses to acknowledge) that you can love and have an independent relationship with the children without her in the middle of it. GUs will try to impose themselves into your individual relationships with the children….”

As usual, our alienating parent has to interject herself into any relationship her children might have with their father and step-mother. Her daughter is an adult and can certainly get in touch with me, without posting a reply on her alienating mother’s blog. Especially since she is in jail and it is highly unlikely she has access to her mother’s blog in any event.

Will I go to our alienating parent’s blog and read her response to my letter to my step-daughter? No ….. thanks, but no thanks.


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