Ryan Thomas Speaks

Had to share this blog, dealing with Parental Alienation from the “child’s” perspective. Very eye-opening video!

Parental Alienation Through My Eyes (and other things)

If you are a parent and you have not seen Ryan Thomas’s videos yet, go to his facebook page (or youtube channel), Ryan Thomas Speaks, and check it out. He has made several articulate, and well thought out videos describing his experience of being a manipulated child in the game of alienation. His videos actually first came public during a time where I was looking for other kids of PA, and I couldn’t find anyone who shared my similar experiences. So it was kind of a moment of serendipity when I found his videos. They helped me understand my own situation so much, and inspired me to start my own blog, which I wanted to make for a while but never had the audience until now. I think it’s great that everyone is finally starting to connect and we are all putting the pieces together from this blown up catastrophe…

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