Mirror Mirror: The Narcisisstic Alienator

Some wise words about dealing with a Narcissistic Alienator:

Karen Woodall

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all……..

The Narcissistic Alienator is a difficult character to cope with.  Difficult because when you are being alienated from your children by a Narcissist you no longer really exist in their world and character because what they are is a player in a movie all of their own making.

No-one really exists in the Narcissists world, not you, not the children and certainely not they.  What exists is merely a projection, a mask and howling black void of need which is the key driver in the world that you find yourself in.  Let me explain just briefly.

Narcissistic wounding is a complex personality problem in which the growing child has failed to receive the loving attention that builds a sense of self and a personality which is integrated.  To become whole a child must have positive reflections from the…

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