Wishing an alienated child all the best that life has to offer.

We just heard the good news that my stepdaughter is going to be released from jail early. While we have not spoken to her for years, we do wish her all the best. Hopefully her incarceration was a learning experience and, as she stated at her sentencing hearing, she has learned to make better decisions in her life.

One of her past decisions was to keep her children from their grandfather. Was that a good decision? Would those children have been better off, while their mother was in jail, if their grandfather was in their lives? Is it too late to heal the relationship between father and daughter?

Irregardless of her answers to these questions, we do hope that the new year brings peace and happiness to her family. There are three innocent children who do not know their own grandfather, and then had to endure being separated from their mother while she served time in jail. Hoping all the best for those young people as they journey through life.

Life is difficult enough without having to live with poor decisions made by a parent. But then, my stepdaughter had to live with the decision her own mother made so many years ago: to alienate her children from their father.

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