Hey, Maybe It Worked…

We had this happen so many times when my dealing with our alienating parent, so we know what this family is going through:

A Stepmother's Journey

So, in my post tootheless I explained how SD lost a tooth and I had D send a link of the video to her mom. My thought was that her mom should be seeing this and the link was an olive branch of sorts.

I think it may have worked! For now. She replied to his email with the video link, thanking him and apologizing for the mix up at Thanksgiving. This may sound small but it feels like a big deal. Why? Because she is rarely civil to him. Normally she ignores emails that he sends trying to address any issues. Or she spews venom and anger in her long, rambling, unpunctuated emails.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not counting on her to maintain the civility. We will continue to be polite and civil. The problem is, she fluctuates in her responses so much it can make your head…

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