Return To Sender

In February, 2008, we mailed my husband’s granddaughter a birthday card for her 7th birthday.  Her mother refused to allow the child to have the card (and gift that was included), marked it Return to Sender and mailed it back to her father.

Return to Sender

My stepdaughter was angry at her father and I and so, of course, her first reaction was:  you’re not allowed to see your grandchildren.  This had happened many times before in this child’s short, six-year-life.  And considering this is how my stepdaughter was raised, it was really no surprise to anyone.  She was taught:  if you’re angry or upset, retaliate by hurting the person who made you angry or upset in the best way you know how.  And what’s the best way to hurt a father or grandfather?  By keeping his children and grandchildren from him.

Since February, 2008, we’ve gotten birthday cards and Christmas cards for my husband’s granddaughter and kept them here at our house, along with the gifts we would normally give her.  Maybe one day we’ll be permitted to speak with her and can give her the years’ worth of cards and gifts.

There’s always hope, isn’t there?


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