Giving up

Here’s a very moving, powerful post, showing just how devastating parental alienation is.

Living Life Better Blog

There are times I just can’t face it. Recently my current wife has gotten involved with Parental Alienation groups to help support me.  I follow along, but the pain inside is so deep it’s hard for me to participate.

I’ll write my daily letters to the kids. But that is a passive activism.  Sometimes, I question my actions.  Shouldn’t I be researching the laws?  Shouldn’t I investigate my rights? Isn’t there more I could do?  ….    I’m scared.  I hurt so bad inside that I’m scared to even open up a chance of hope to see my children again. I try to appear brave, but having my children taken from me was worse than castration.

So, I’ll do the best I can.  I’ll write my letters.  I’ll go to work. I’ll pretend to laugh at jokes.  All the while, I deal with a gaping hole in my heart.  THAT is…

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