Hostile Aggressive Parenting (Part Two)

Here is some more information about yesterday’s post, dealing with Hostile Aggressive Parenting:

This site is dedicated to the children who are suffering under the hands of HAP parents. We strive to educate the public about this growing problem in hopes of getting help to the HAP parent, and to the suffering kids. HAP parents may not realize they have HAP. It’s up to friends, family & the community to educate them and encourage them to seek help.

Do you think you or anyone you know is suffering from HAP? Complete our questionaire to find out.

Children should be allowed to love both parents, and feel loved by both parents. It is of utmost importance for both parents to encourage a relationship between the kids and the other parent. Standing together as parents is important in a marriage, but ironically, it is even more important in cases of divorce, separation or turmoil, and is a sign of great parenting!

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