How alienating parents use justified rejection reasoning

Karen Woodall

The landscape of parental alienation is extremely complex and made more so by the ways in which alienating parents in the severe category are skilled manipulators of other people. Skilled alienators will use other people to achieve their aims such as friends, family, practitioners, parish priests, GP’s, schools, hospitals and the target parent him/herself. Skilled alienators can be cunning and secretive or they can be chaotic and visibly destructive. Where-ever they are on the scale however they can rope in the target parent as well as a raft of other people to convince the world, the children involved and, in some cases even the target parent that the cause of the rejection is justified and not parental alienation. Here is an example of how this is done by a covert but very skilled alienator.

Rachel is a powerful business woman who is in charge of a large company. She has…

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