Time to spread some awareness!!

Parental Alienation Awareness

Did you know that Parental Alienation is considered a form of child abuse? Mentally, emotionally and in some cases physically. I don’t think that people are truly aware of this worldwide epidemic and how common it is until you or someone you love becomes a victim. No child should be isolated from the love of a family without reason. No child should be made to choose between a mother and father. All children deserve to have a loving, healthy relationship with both parents. All children deserve equal time spent with their parents. Some children are being denied this on a daily basis simply because one parent has decided to become “The Alienator.” Whatever the reason may be… anger, scorn, power trip, vindictive or just because they can without consequence putting their best interest first rather than the child’s. I mean if you didn’t want to deal with someone it’s just…

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