Schadenfreude is Your Alienator’s Cocaine.

Waiting 4 Ethan

What could possibly be more powerful than cocaine? 


Schadenfreude if you are an alienator. 

Schadenfreude is a German term that means shameful joy, or finding joy in the suffering or harm of others. In the context of parental alienation, however, the alienating parent likely has shades, if not full blown sociopathy and may not experience authentic shame. Sociopaths don’t have a conscience. Nevertheless, there is no question that alienating parents find unimaginable, sadistic joy in observing their child’s rejection of the other parent. Schadenfreude is such a powerful feeling that alienators are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to get their next hit.

Taunting: With each attempt that the rejected parent makes to reconnect with the child, the child’s response of hatred and rebuke to the rejected parent is manifest in feelings of exhaltation to the alienating parent. For this reason, the alienating parent who is confident in his/her successful brainwashing…

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