PARENTAL ALIENATION by Dr Craig A Childress Psy.D.

Eeny Meeny Miney Mo Foundation

Parental Alienation is a destructive family process that occurs in some families during and following a divorce in which the distorted parenting practices of one parent have a severely distorting influence on the child’s relationship with the other parent leading the child to entirely reject a relationship with a normal-range, loving and affectionate parent so that, as a result, the child loses a healthy relationship with a loving and affectionate parent and is instead left in the unhealthy psychological care of a pathogenic parent.


Divorce produces a grief response among all the family members. Even if the marriage was problematic, family members, particularly children, will still experience grief about the loss of the intact family.

The narcissistic personality of the alienating parent, however, is pathologically unable to experience or process sadness and grief, and instead translates these emotions into anger, resentment, and a desire…

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