Co-Parenting with a Narcissist (part two)

So much of yesterday’s post, Co-Parenting with a Narcissist, made us feel like we were reading a story about my husband’s relationship with his ex-wife.  Especially poignant was the paragraph entitled “Plan for the Worst.”  And have we ever seen the worst ……

Over 35 years after their divorce, several years after all contact between the children and their father ended, and our alienating parent still feels the need to let everyone know her thoughts and feelings, via postings on the internet.  Most of which are posted on genealogy websites under the names of my husband and my deceased parents.

“Narcissists do not forgive and forget. They hold grudges for a very long time. They thrive on revenge and trying to psychologically hurt you as much as they can.”  Unfortunately, we have first hand knowledge of the truth behind that statement.


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