SOS Emergency Response: 7 Tips to Survive Parental Alienation

Waiting 4 Ethan


Understanding these 7 things will change the way you look at what has happened to your family. 


1. ‘The Opposite of Love is Not Hate.’

       – Elie Wiesel

If your child appears to hate you

there’s a good chance he/she still loves you.

2. Be Patient. And Then Be More Patient Than That. 


Authentic, unconditional love stands the test of time, while ‘love’ built from fear, or conditional love is unlikely to survive. Knowing this may help you practice the patience that will lead you and your child back together. Being ‘patient til even patience tires of [your] patience’ without developing bitterness is the challenge. To help you sustain this degree of patience, find a therapist who is well versed in parental alienation so that you may come up with a long term plan together.

Go Ahead Make My Day3. Get a Thick Skin.  “It takes an extraordinarily resilient person to…

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