Losing a loved one ….

My cousin just lost her mother, and I was moved to tears when I read the post one of her daughters made on social media:

“As I write this and the tears fall, I can just picture Grammy being reunited with Papaw and being held in the loving arms of Jesus! Grammy loved her family, friends and her Savior! What a legacy that these two leave behind. I love you Grammy and Papaw!”

The family is now on their way to Tennessee to celebrate their mother / grandmother’s life.

The post written by my cousin’s daughter was especially heartwarming because the dearly beloved mother / grandmother was, in actuality, a stepmother / step-grandmother.  But you would never know that from the post, would you?  Because this woman had been in my cousin’s life since she was a child, and in the lives of her children since they were born.

Why am I mentioning this here, on a blog about parental alienation?  Because, you see, our alienating parent has created numerous posts about her former in-laws, because she feels their obituaries are “incorrect.”  And why does she feel that way?  Because the obituaries do not distinguish between biological grandchildren (hers) and step-grandchildren (mine).  Her former father-in-law’s obituary was written by his widow, and she chose to simply state that he was survived by six grandchildren.

Our alienating parent seems to have a problem with that.  And again, I ask …..  Why?

On one hand we have an alienating parent who successfully alienated her children from their father; who made it extremely difficult for the paternal grandparents to maintain a relationship with their grandchildren; thirty-seven years after her divorce from the father of her children, and seven years after their was any contact between father and children, and she still feels the need to interject her thoughts and opinions on the way her children’s grandparent’s obituaries were written.

And on the other hand we have a family who would never think to distinguish between biological and step-family.  All they are thinking of now is how much they loved and cherished this woman.  But, of course, that’s how you react when you’re raised in a loving, healthy environment.


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