Parental Awareness Day — April 25, 2015

Today is Parental Awareness Day.  Unfortunately, with the large number of divorces and children being raised by unmarried parents who are no longer in a relationship, Parental Alienation is quickly becoming an epidemic.

When you have one parent who puts their own feelings of hatred, anger and jealousy before what is best for their child, it results in Parental Alienation.  Children deserve a close, loving relationship with both parents.  It damages a child when they are put in a position of being forced to decide between their parents.  That is not fair to the children, and it is the children who are suffering.

Please take a moment to think about all the children out there who have lost, or in the process of losing, one of their parents, due to the behavior of the other parent.

It’s time for Parental Alienation to be recognized, and to be taken seriously.


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