What are alienated children missing out on?

IMG_7386_low res

Are they missing out on a father/mother figure in their lives?  Are they missing out on the love of a parent/grandparent?  Are they missing out on the benefits that come with having a close, loving relationship with a parent/grandparent?

This is a photo of my husband with our granddaughter on a recent family vacation to Ireland.  This man is incredible.  And, yes, I’ll admit — I’ve been married to him for 30 years, so I may be just a little bit biased.   🙂

This is a man who is honest, forthright and a man who would do anything for anyone.  He’s a good father, wonderful grandfather, and friend to many.

He has two daughters whom he hasn’t spoken to for many years.  And, as we explained in our earlier post, there are a multitude of reasons for that.

He also has four grandchildren, two of whom he has never even met.  Would those grandchildren be better off if he were a part of their lives?  Do they even know what they are missing out on?

Well, I do.

Unfortunately, my grown stepchildren have decided to not only end their relationship with their father, but to keep their children from their grandfather as well.  Just like their mother did before them …..

These “children” are a product of the environment in which they were raised, so it’s really no surprise to anyone that the alienation continues ….. from generation to generation …..

All we can hope is that someone, at some point, will stop and think:  are these grandchildren better off with — or without — this incredible man in this lives?


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