Why would someone carry on with Severe Parental Alienation for over 25 years?

In our case, it’s been going on for almost 40 years. My husband has had no contact with his children for several years, but our alienating parent continues her efforts to make sure they never speak again, even to this day.

Parental Alienation

Why would someone carry on with Severe Parental Alienation for over 25 years?  “In many cases, there is a history of severe psychological problems and agitations before the alienation tactics are ever employed.” “These people are damaged and in desperate need of professional psychological help and extensive therapy. They often have clinically diagnosable issues such as BPD (borderline personality disorder) .”!!!! 

Severe Parental Alienation: These parents have one mission, to aggressively and viciously attack and destroy the previously healthy and loving relationship that their children have with the other parent. During a separation and the ensuing divorce, the targeted (rejected) parent almost always becomes a bitter enemy in the mind of the alienating parent. They must “win” at all costs. They are determined to be the only parent in their child’s life. They resent and get violent (verbally and many times physically) with anyone that sets healthy boundaries with…

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