That’s another fine mess you’ve all gotten into

Karen Woodall

One of the really difficult things about parental alienation is that children tell lies about their parents. They also fantasise, fabricate and facilitate unease, discomfort and disbelief about them.  When alienation runs very deeply in families there is often a pattern of intergenerational behaviour which is handed down from parents to children and normalised.  Where this happens, the truth is very difficult to winkle out of the mess that the family has gotten itself into.

In this day and age of immediate telecommunication, dirty washing can be laundered very publicly, by children and their parents who are already deeply harmed.  This creates another layer of complexity in the he said/she said presentation of such family dynamics.  When working with such families it is very important to create a safe container for such behaviour so that the outer concentric circles of influence do not impact further on the family. Let loose…

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