Grandparents Affected by Parental Alienation

Having come across posts recently about grandparents affected by parental alienation, it prompted us to write about our own experiences.

My in-laws were victims of parental alienation, at the hands of their former daughter-in-law, the mother of their granddaughters.  They were, without notice, told they would no longer be allowed to babysit the children.  They went from seeing their grandchldren on an almost daily basis, to going months without any contact with them.  They received a letter from our alienating parent’s attorney, accusing my father-in-law of spying on the alienating parent and instructing him to curtail his visits to her home.  And when one of the children’s bicycle tires was slashed, who did the alienating parent blame:  her former father-in-law!

When those alienated children grew to become adults and began having children of their own, it wasn’t surprising to see their behavior emulating that of the alienating parent.  We were hoping the cycle would be broken, but unfortunately it was not.

My husband, like his parents, had almost daily contact with his oldest granddaughter, until she was almost seven years old.  It has now been over seven years since he has seen or talked to her.  That loss is with him every day.

Two generations of grandparents alienated from their own grandchildren.  Two generations of children raised in an environment where it is common for a parent to withhold access to a child because she is angry.  Two generations of grandparents who never did any harm to their grandchildren and always provided loving, nurturing, secure surroundings for those grandchildren.

Two generations in our particular case……

Will more follow?


6 thoughts on “Grandparents Affected by Parental Alienation

  1. we the missing children, find our way home. just keep healthy because my dad is 70 and im guessing iv got 10 years plus. my sister only got 3 with her farther so all you can do is tell anyone and everyone your story because one day they might just have heard a similer story form somewhere else


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