Coming out of the closet – #Parental #Alienation – UPDATE

Parental Alienation

Someone recently asked me on a forum “how did I feel after 23 years of alienation when I finally turned the corner” . (NOW 25 YEARS)

It was very subtle, no overnight “seeing the light”!!

I began to notice that I no longer felt sad when looking at photos and remembering birthdays, instead I felt quite happy and hoped everyone was Fit and well and enjoying life.

My focus seemed to switch from feeling sorry for myself and wondering and asking myself why did this happen to me to I can not change this situation and to try and come from a viewpoint of how would I feel if they lived on the other side of the world and I could not visit them.

I started thinking differently!!

Sometimes I would ask myself – would I let a friend or member of my family treat me this way? no…

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