The child, teen or young adult is often just a mouthpiece for the controlling alienating parent

Parental Alienation

“Hurt people, hurt people.” Thus, we need to get to the truth of why someone feels hurt and also in many situations, why they are doing hurtful things to themselves. Maybe we have communicated in unproductive ways; maybe both parties interpreted what the other said or did in unintended ways; maybe both were provoked; maybe both just did not have a meeting of the minds and misunderstood each other’s kind intent. These are common communication problems.

My wonderful Grandfather Ben taught me to never give up because if you are working with honest, sincere people; if there is a will, there is a way. These are some important issues which will determine whether you are working with an honest or sincere, capable person and reunification even has a chance of being successful:

1-Does the person you are trying to reestablish your relationship with truthfully want to also reestablish the relationship…

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