Maternal Gatekeeping

My husband and I read with great interest about a Court’s decision in Kelly Rutherford’s ongoing battle with her ex-husband.

Here are some excerpts from a 52 page court decision:  “Kelly withheld news of Helena’s birth from Daniel and denied Daniel the right to be present at the hospital.”

“Kelly’s failure to put Daniel on Helena’s birth certificate is reflective of her general reluctance to facilitate the children’s relationship with their father.”

A custody evaluator testified:  “Ms. Rutherford has engaged in conduct intended to interfere with Mr. Giersch’s relationship with the children.”

Both court-appointed evaluators found Rutherford guilty of “maternal gatekeeping.”

So, in conclusion, the Court determined:  “Afer careful review of all of the evidence and testimony in this case, the Court finds that there is clear and convincing evidence that Daniel has facilitated the children’s relations with Kelly, particularly in the most recent years, and that Kelly has not facilitated the children’s relationship with Daniel.”

It’s refreshing to see a Court understand what is happening in the lives of so many children who are living with divorced parents, and to put the children’s best interests first ….. when a parent won’t.


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